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MCAT Basics (from MedSchoolCoach)

Nov 16, 2020

Madhavi Murali discusses transitioning to medical school, resources for studying, and how students can prepare for medical school and the Step 1 exam.


  • [00:44] Madhavi’s Academic Background and the BA/MD Program
  • [03:41] Things Madhavi Learned When Transitioning from BA to MD
  • [05:12] Resources for Developing Study Strategies
  • [06:09] Using Anki to Study for Med School
  • [06:51] Step Exam Going Pass/Fail
  • [09:35] Difficult Courses and Study Strategies
  • [11:11] The Transition from Undergrad to Medical School
  • [13:09] Maintaining Hobbies in Medical School
  • [14:58] The Effect of The Pandemic on Med School Students and Clinical Rotations
  • [17:35] Useful Resources for Students
  • [20:09] Advice for Students Applying to Medical School
  • [24:57] Preparing for Step 1
  • [27:33] Recommendations for Struggling Med School Students
  • [28:45] The Focus of a Tutoring Session with Madhavi


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