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MCAT Basics (from MedSchoolCoach)

Aug 17, 2023

Chase and Sam discuss various study tips, habits, and evidence-based methods to help students succeed on the MCAT and in medical school.

  • [01:03] How To Memorize A Million Things
  • [02:26] The Spacing Effect and Rehearsal Effect
  • [06:02] Overcoming the “Forgetting Curve”
  • [08:03] Elaborative Interrogation
  • [10:06] Anki: Using Pre-Existing Study Materials verses Creating Your Own
  • [13:08] Memory Palace and Visual Mnemonics
  • [18:29] Memorizing Mistakes and Avoiding Passive Memory Techniques
  • [20:30] The effects of sleep, exercise and diet on learning
  • [23:35] Evidence Based Study Techniques in Education

Chase DiMarco is an MD-PhD candidate he hosts several podcasts and has written a book called, Read This Before Medical School. 

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