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MCAT Basics (from MedSchoolCoach)

Mar 26, 2019

Episode 11: Learning and Memory

This lecture covers learning and memory. I will discuss: the different types of memory (short term, working, and long term), the structures in the brain related to memory, and learning. My discussion on learning will mostly focus on conditioning. I will talk about both operant...

Mar 18, 2019

Episode 10: The Endocrine System


This lecture covers the endocrine system. I go over types of hormones and their function, describe different structures within the endocrine system, and briefly discuss a few endocrine system disorders.

Mar 15, 2019

This bonus episode covers the recent news regarding the 3rd patient ever cured of HIV - technically considered a sustained remission. I will discuss some background on HIV-1 necessary to understand how the cure works. Then, I will discuss the paper detailing the cure and talk about its implications.


Mar 11, 2019

Episode 9: Study Variables and Types

This lecture covers study variables and types. I discuss different study variables: independent variable, dependent variable, correlation variable, confounding variable, odds ratio, and more. Next, I talk about different types of studies: experimental, observational, case-control,...