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MCAT Basics (from MedSchoolCoach)

Dec 16, 2019

Episode 33

This episode reviews three common types of isomers that you are likely to see on the MCAT: 1) structural isomers, 2) geometric isomers, and 3) stereoisomers. I define each type of isomer, give a common example, and discuss applications that you may see.

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Dec 2, 2019

This bonus episode briefly covers the gut microbiome. I talk about what the gut microbiome is, what it does, and how our understanding of it can be applied to health.

The gut microbiome and TMAO paper:

Fiber gap paper:

Nov 25, 2019

Episode 32

This podcast covers motivation and emotion. First, I cover motivation, discussing the following topics: intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation, theories of motivation (evolutionary, arousal, drive-reduction, incentive, three needs, and Maslow’s hierarchy) and harmful behaviors (addiction) and motivation. Next, I...

Nov 4, 2019

Episode 31

This podcast covers the cardiovascular system and a bit of fluid mechanics. First, I cover cardiovascular anatomy. Then, I talk about the following topics regarding the heart: function, contraction, cell types in the heart, and its role in regulation of blood pressure. Lastly (44:00 min-1hr), I tie in a few...

Oct 21, 2019

In this podcast I talk to Katelyn Sawyer, the MCAT Content Manager for Medschoolcoach. We discuss the following topics: 1) what CARS is (and isn’t), 2) how to study for CARS, and 3) the best study resources for CARS.

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